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With a synthesizer this complex, there are always problems - this page is meant as a resource to programs, links and text files to overcome the most common ones. Its not much, yet, but it'll get there when I find more time!


  • Q - where can I find a comprehensive FAQ on the JV1080?
  • A - right here. It is compiled by David Peters, he is the absolute first on the jv-subject!.
  • Q - Is a downloadable Manual there for JV-1080 or it's brothers?
  • A - No, press Roland to do as other rival companies have done for a long, long time! IMO it sucks!>There is now a place you can use to get manuals but you still have to register
  • Q - Is there a free Editor for the Mac?
  • A - You can use an Emulator to use the Pc-Editors, otherwise, NO. There is said to be a free editor out but i don't have more information right now :( but look at the next information, which a user has given to me:
  • more for Mac


  • Q - what is the roland checksum and how can i calculate it?
  • A - the Roland Checksum


  • Q - how can i use a midi-file that somebody did sent to me? I think he uses a Macintosh Format.
  • A - a program to extract binary mail that used StuffIt to encode files (Eudora, Pegasus e.c.)

  • Q - how can i make any use of a zipped midi-file?
  • A - everything about compression

  • Q - how can i change .syx files into midifiles?
  • A - if you have a C language compiler, this will do.

  • Q - where can i get more information about .MID files?
  • A - by all means: read the newsgroups please, no better information ever. Try to reach out for FAQs and read them.



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