Its important to point out that much of this information is in straight text file format; i haven't HTML'd them yet, but they read all right - they just don't look exceedingly pretty at the moment.

So, give me some time, its all under construction, all the time.


  • the stone-old BETA-XP-50/JV-1080 FAQ
  • Ben Tubb's help since Feb96, zipped

  • hints by Roland User Magazine
  • how to use the BOOSTER and related,
  • how to use EFFECTS and CONTROLLERS, (all, you need to know!)
  • now you change effects via sysex
  • cakewalk and jv1080 and similar
  • how to fake effects!
  • how many effects?
  • how to dump sounds
  • how to create big sounds
  • SysEx comparisons between JV and XP
  • how to dump SYSEX to a PC (from Robert Gilbert)
  • about gain structure
  • how to change patches quickly with Sysex
  • how to emulate an organ
  • how to send expansion board program changes from sy77/99


  • 1080 review by FUTURE MUSIC
  • EXPANSION BOARDS, short Review by Martin Rossel
  • big internal soundlist in a column (zipped)


  • special listing by Geir Kilsti, presetA
  • a listing of all the INTERNAL WAVES, numbered
  • a listing of all the INTERNAL WAVES, alphabetically sorted
  • list of the jv-80 waves, sorted
  • both wavelists 80 and jv-1080, sorted
  • description of the Orchestra-Board waves by Paul Bertrand
  • a listing of all the VINTAGE-EXP. waves, numbered
  • a listing of all the 60/70 BOARDS Patches
  • a listing of all the 60/70 BOARD Waves
  • a listing of all the WORLD-EXP. waves, numbered
  • listing of patches and waves of the Supersoundboard

  • a listing of ALL EXP. WAVES +list of patches, with some sorting, not all numbered

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