Some of the members of the mailing list originally tried to meet within the IRC chat system (Internet Relay Chat), with varying degrees of success. These days, any list members who are on IRC meet in the #MIDI channel on EfNET. Also, there is a large number of #MIDI regulars who own a 1080, but do not subscribe to the list.


If you are a Windows user, you will need to download any one of these fine IRC clients, available web-wide (ie. Stroud):

  • MIRC
  • Visual IRC
  • Pirch

    MacIntosh users can try:

  • Homer
  • IRCle


    Once you have your program installed, set up and running, you will need to select a server. In brief, there are three major networks that make up the IRC: EfNET, UnderNET and DalNET. The most active #MIDI community is on EfNET, so you will want to search for, and connect to an EfNET affiliated server.

    Some of the major servers are:

  •, port 6667
  •, port 6667
  •, port 6667
  •, port 6667

    Or, click here for a more comprehensive list. This is prone to change as servers flip flop between networks. Also, there are many factors which may limit your accessibility to a particular server. Your domain may be blacklisted, banned, or unauthorized. Also, it may take a very long time just because you are trying to log on during a busy time of day.


    Once you're connected, you're ready to join the channel. Simply type:
    /join #channel

    at the IRC program's command line and you'll pop into the channel. To leave the channel, the command is:

    /part #channel

    To leave the IRC server entirely, type /quit

    For a more comprehensive overview of IRC, here are several webside resources you should look into:

  • List of IRC related Frequently Asked Questions
  • List of IRC channels
  • Internet Relay Chat - what you really need to know about IRC
  • The Internet Relay Chat FAQ
  • Time Zone Listings (courtesy US Navy)

    We'll see you there!

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