After long thinking about it i think
that it can be an enormous plus to have
a page that does not come with any pictures.
Only 2 kilobytes and you can see my pages.
that is really fast.

All other things could be waste of online-time.
Perhaps i will change my mind.
Perhaps you convince me.
On the other hand there are many other
good jv1080-pages out there.
(love to mention the Page of Ben Tubb here!)
They all use graphics.

So i think:
Why should i be the person who
adds graphics when everybody else does.
Only to prove that i can do it?
I could but right now i am not sure
if that is important.
Let us stop World Wide Wait !!!
Graphics do create World Wide Wait.
They are good for educating but right now
I fear the net-traffic they cause when
transferring things.
And they are not important for getting information.
Graphics are very difficult to search while ASCII-texts
are very good to search even by the smallest computer.
Think about it:

What will you win if you can see these pages
with nice backgrounds and graphics when there
are few pages out there that use no graaphics at all.
You loose time because it takes a longer time
for you to download it.

I did not have a direct access to edit my pages for
a very cruel long time.
This has caused a very uptodate information page to
be way back in time. :(

This has changed now, I can do what i wished to do for
a long time.

The 1080 is not my biggest hobby anymore.
I'm much into something, that many of my friends
have found to be outstanding:
The open source Linux Operating System.
This Web-Site like the JV1080 mailinglist is run by a
Linux Computer.
I am far more interested to create a site for things
involving linux than to support an expensive synthesizer.
So don't expect many news on the jv1080 front.
Others might be more driven to be more up to date.

My best Tip for you:

If you want to get the most recent thoughts about this
synth-engine i would encourage you to subscribe to the
mailinglist about the Jv-1080 which covers this synth and
Xp-50/60/80 and Jv-2080.

I cannot stand the hype about the whole WWW:
Personal Information is much better and this can be perceived
by reading the Newsgroups and subscribing to mailinglists or
using Irc for communicating!
Companies are to take over with the net and therefore
the www is loud and gets louder every time announcing commercial
I prefer the personal contact by far.